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Secret Backlink Source #1: Infographic Site Backlinking

Infographics can help drive a massive amount of traffic to your website while you gain natural whitehat backlinks. Infographics are a visual representation of complex information and/or data. An infographic makes it MUCH easier to read hence they are so popular with people sharing them constantly on social networks.

A good infographic can also encourage someone to link back to your website. This, n turn, can create a quality backlink along with social signals.


So how can we create backlinks from an Infographic?

The quickest way to build backlinks to your Infographic is to submit it to popular Infographic distribution websites. Almost of all which will allow you to credit a link back to the original designer or publisher.

To help you get started, I have listed below a number of sites where you can create some great infographics and do not require you to spend any money doing so.

  1. http://piktochart.compiktochart






NOTE: you should keep in mind that when designing an infographic you need to consider 6-8 data points and not more. Otherwise this will distract the user and they will lose interest quickly. The better the content the better the it will perform.


Video Tutorials on Infographic Creation

  1. Tutorial >>
  2. Tutorial >>
  3. Tutorial >>
  4. Piktochart Tutorial >>


Website to Post Your Infographic

The following list are websites you can submit your new infographic to for FREE and will generate HIGH PR DOFOLLOW PERMANENT BACKLINKS.


















This are just a few of the many sites that allow you to post Infographics to.

After building around 2-30 links you will see some Google dancing as these links start to really boost your site rankings and improve your SERP position almost overnight!

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The Ultimate WordPress Checklist

wordpress website setup checklist

If you’re constantly creating new WordPress sites for yourself, or clients, then you know how many small changes you need to make to WordPress before it is usable. This checklist will help ease the headache and ensure you do not miss a single change ever again.
wordpress website setup checklist

How do social signals impact SEO and rankings?

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Discover why social signals are a big Google rankings factor in 2015 with this easy to read infographic.


Fiverr Forum Post

Why is Hiring an SEO Company Different in 2015?

Choosing an SEO company in 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) will never be more relevant than in 2015. However, unlike in recent years, the trend to delineate a clearer scope for SEO and its subcategories seems to fortify new niches and expand new markets. Users of this marketing strategy may just define it differently this year. How will hiring an SEO company for 2015 be different?


Content promotion will be more important than inbound links

Link building is still the leading practice for off-page optimization. It has guaranteed effectiveness in bringing traffic. However, as organic search gains higher value in ranking, content also gets higher points than mere links to an external page. That means a website with numerous inbound links in other reputable websites is apt to receive less success in on-page conversation and click-through rate compared to a website with less inbound links, but more mentions in the contents of the same reputable websites.

Google and other major indexing sites might just look for more organic mentions than they usually do with inbound links. Thus, focus more on promoting your contents on other websites than on leaving links. This will greatly change how SEO companies are hired in 2015 because there will be a shift in the practice of off-page optimization, which now might heavily involve content creation (i.e. guest blogging, review, advertorial).


Mobile internet marketing will create an entirely different industry

If many SEO companies started to offer mobile internet marketing (e.g. mobile ads) as part of their services in 2010, many company entirely dedicated to this segment might emerge in 2015. Smartphones and tablets are no longer seen as complementary platforms. They are now new platforms. There is a whole new market for these platforms, and it is crucial to tap them independently. You might want to check the primary platforms used in visiting your website, and if they fall on this segment, you can just focus all your marketing efforts towards this market.


Search channels will be as important as indexing sites

In the past, long-tail keywords aim to attract spiders of indexing sites. It is just be crawled or remain on the bottom of the SERP. This year, channels will play a similar role as they become a primary indicator of online reputation. These channels include Amazon, Yelp, Wikipedia, Google Store, and even social media sites, with Facebook leading the list. It simply means that presence in these sites will give any brand an advantage towards getting higher ranking.

A website with Wiki page is bound to get higher ranking. A brand with presence across the most visited online stores is bound to get higher reputation for its main sales page. Google might resort to consulting “middlemen” now, so might as well build your reputation in these “middlemen.”


SEO will now be separated from content creation

An SEO specialist could refer to an SEO writer and web administrator in the past. SEO alone could interchangeably be used on content creation and link building—but not anymore. It is predicted that 2015 is the year when SEO handles the technical elements while content creation and marketing focuses on improving ranking.

How does that change your plan? Because there will be a separation of duties, websites without concrete content plan are expected to fail. The technicalities can no longer compensate for the lack of organic relevance through contents because they now become two different entities. Meta tags will have less relevance to page contents and keyword research. Inbound and reciprocating links might complement page relevance towards higher redirection much less these days. You might need to hire two different specialists for the technical and content aspects of your website.


Long-tail keywords will have less relevance

They will still serve as the backbone of content creation, but they may not be too helpful when dealing with mobile platforms. You have seen the evolution that keywords took to become long-tail keywords, but mobile users seem to have a different set of needs.

For instance, Google has seen the increase in voice search, which is not automatically complemented by keywords primarily intended for desktop users. There is also a trend of using third-party applications in conducting research, rather than doing it directly on Google like what is traditionally done using desktops. Not hiring an SEO company that specializes in mobile platforms might hurt your chances of tapping this huge market segment.


Article produced by UK SEO agency, Bulldog Digital Media.

21 free authority backlinks to help your Google rankings

Franklin has released another great post about the backlinks he creates for each of his new affiliate sites. These should be the very least you do for any video or website you are trying to launch.


21 Free Authority Backlink Sources (Links In Minutes)

WordPress Site Peformance – Best and cheap ways to speed up WP (2015)

discover the best tips and tricks for increasing the performance of your Wordpress sites.

We all know how slow WordPress can be. So here is an excellent infographic showing you the top 16 ways to improve your WordPress website speed and performance.



WordPress Speed Factors – Best ways to make WP faster and safer

Anyone who has used WordPress for longer than 5 minutes knows how memory hungry and slow it can be. This is a handy infographic to help make your WordPress sites much faster!


make faster wordpress site

Top 23 High PR Image Sharing Sites List for 2015

Are you looking for high PR backlinks from free high PR photo sharing websites? Then you should check out my list of the top 23 free image sharing sites for 2015.


Looking for the best authority  photo sharing sites in 2015



  • – PR7
  • – PR6



SEO Beginners Course

Watch a great SEO introduction.

Watch the video below if you are begining your journey in SEO. It will walk you through everything you need to know to start making money with SEO

Social Signals for Website SEO

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